Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Project 10... bottle...?

Hello, hello~~ It's been awhile, hahahaha. I'm fully aware that no one reads this blog, anyway, but that just means I should give it some love! :P

Anyway, after some recent travels to China, I somehow ended up with a complete new set of skincare... x.x This is really bad, since between school and home, I've been collecting like a bazillion things, not to mention that huge birthday haul I made last year.

So! Since I definitely won't be finishing many make up products any time soon, I think I'm just going to do a Project 10 Pan (Bottle) with skincare, since it's something I do in fact use everyday and have entirely way too much of! XD I'll include foundation products in there, too, since I also have a million of those. x.x

Since I currently have some time to burn, I'll try to write up some reviews, too! Make up for that year of complete silence, hahaha.

Here goes!

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