Friday, September 3, 2010

ULTA is my hero

In terms of where I buy my make up, I seesaw a bit depending on what I'm into at the moment... For awhile, ULTA was my favorite, and then it was Sephora. Now I'm all over drugstore stuff and coupons, so it's been CVS and Rite Aid.

BUT. I went by ULTA today to take advantage of their 20% off coupon, and what do I see?



Not just the high-end brand, guys, we're talking every single shade from every drugstore product they carry. I can tell you now that I've never wished for my camera more. It was. AMAZING.

What this means is that if you're looking for foundation, you no longer have to guess at which shade you are -- you can find out for yourself, just as sure as you could at MAC or Sephora or anywhere else. If you want a lipstick? No problem: See the color for yourself first. I was actually going through a bunch of Revlon's reds today, and I ended up not getting any, because they were all kind of pink. But I'd never have known that without swatching first! Wondering if that eyeshadow quad is pigmented or not? See for yourself!

Unfortunately, I was on a tight deadline, so I didn't manage to swatch and test everything. ): NEXT TIME, THOUGH. DEFINITELY.

I'm not sure if this is a national change or not, but next time, please drop by your local ULTA and check it out! This is such an awesome change!

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