Saturday, October 2, 2010

More couponing adventures!

All right, so there were some crazy drugstore sales... last week? Right after I freaked out over my student loans and went on a low-buy, LOL. Thank goodness I didn't make it a no-buy, hahaha, I knew I would've failed, so I didn't even try.

The low-buy business was interesting all on its own, though. I told G over at Nouveau Cheap that I would have to do a lot of wrangling, and she reminded me that if I played my cards and coupons right, I could get a lot of stuff for free. Which was true!

The rules I set for myself were:
- only two things at a time
- no more than $3 total including tax for one item, $6 for two

Did I cheat? ...A little, hahahaha. You'll see what I mean.

So here's my haul:

And here's what I spent on it, without tax:

NYC Blushable Creme Sticks in South St. Seashell and Big Apple Blush
- BOGOF sale at Rite Aid
- BOGOF coupon from All You magazine

Sale/Regular Retail: $3.99/$7.98
Damage: $0

Yes. That's right. As Gianna discovered a long while ago—and also, according to Rite Aid's official coupon policy—if you use a BOGOF coupon during a BOGOF sale, you get BOTH ITEMS FOR FREE. But you do still have to pay tax. So I would say that it's a pretty awesome deal!

G is also the one who turned me on to All You magazine, which is sold at Wal-Mart and is basically full of coupons for EVERYTHING. Now, even if you don't have a Wal-Mart, that's okay! If you go to the official website, you can sign up for two trial issues, totally free! If you really get your money's worth, you could also get a monthly subscription. It's definitely super helpful, especially when you stack them with manufacturer coupons and ongoing sale events. If you don't want to bother with a subscription, you should still head to the website, because they have a bunch of really awesome web coupons, as well.

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Berry Haute
Revlon Matte Lipstick in Really Red
Revlon Nail Enamel in Raven Red and Silver Screen

- 40% off sale at Walgreens
- $1 off 1 Revlon Nail Enamel from
- $2 off 2 Revlon Nail Enamels from Revlon@Facebook
- $2 off 1 Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick from Revlon@Facebook
- Spend $10 on Revlon, get $3 Register Rewards from Walgreens

Sale/Regular Retail: $15.56/$25.96
Damage: $7.56

So this is definitely the one I cheated on, hahahaha. What happened was, I spent all week debating whether or not to get Revlon Really Red. On one hand, it was the item I was seriously lemming. On the other, it was the only one I didn't have a coupon for, and even with the sale, it was out of my budget. After serious consideration, I decided to forego it this time and get it when I got coupons later. [working on self-restraint]

Well, for some reason, I thought the nail polishes would be cheaper than they actually were, so originally, I thought I'd be getting them free with the coupons. In which case... Sure, it's three items, I rationalized, but why not? Well, I ended up getting only one of them free, which... sucked more, but at the same time, it should technically still count as just one item, right...? x.x Especially since one of the coupons wouldn't have worked without two bottles...?

...Yeah, okay, that wasn't the best logic, BUT. The upside of my complete lack of self-control was that I'd totally forgotten about the Register Rewards, which I conveniently qualified for after getting all three things! And then, you know, I stared at this pretty new coupon in my hand and trotted back to grab Revlon Matte Red, which was really my goal all along, anyway! :DDDD

Happy times! Except for where I fail at adhering to my own rules, but you know... It KIND OF worked, right????? :D???

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Purple Gala and Mystic Lilac
- BOGOF sale at Rite Aid

Sale/Regular Retail: $2.99/$5.98
Damage: $2.99

These are the most impulsive and self-indulgent, LOLOLOL. I wasn't planning on getting them at all. In fact, I'd walked past this display several times and kind of shrugged because none of the colors really called out to me... But my Rite Aid happened to be right across the street from Walgreens, so of course I had to pop by. And upon closer inspection, Purple Gala looked really pretty. Like. REALLY pretty. And then, since it was BOGOF, why not just grab another one, right? x.x And so I ended up with Mystic Lilac, as well. XD;;

Do I fail at life? Yes. Yes, I do, hahaha, but at least I'm a failure who saved a lot!

Total Sale/Regular Retail: $22.54/$39.92 (+tax)
Total Damage: $10.55 (+tax)

Not bad for eight items, right?

Of course, it'd probably be better if I just hadn't spent some of that money at all... But on the other hand, I will never need nail polish until the next sale comes along ever again, and I am up two lipsticks with really great formulas!

Now I just need to keep myself from hauling for the rest of the year...

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