Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Beau Garrett in TRON: LEGACY & New Maybelline Quads

I've been utterly terrible about updating, guys alsdnsg I'm so sorry. ): Real life has really taken over lately, as it tends to do once in awhile. I'll try to do better in the new year, but it might have to wait until the holidays are over! XD

That said, I have two topics to discuss today. The first being...

Beau Garrett's make up in Tron: Legacy.

I went to go see it with a couple of guy friends, so I couldn't really discuss it with them, but DUDE THE SIRENS. THE SIRENS LOOK REALLY COOL???

All told, it's actually a fairly easy look to replicate—sharply defined matte black shadow, a wealth of dramatic falsies, and light-colored contacts for the really committed—but doesn't this still look amazing?! Olivia Wilde's look wasn't half as interesting, sorry to say, but the Sirens have all kinds of fierce going on, even if they only have bit parts.

Jem has a bit more screen time, and she kind of owns it. Partly due to being completely white against a fairly dark background, and partly because Beau Garrett somehow always manages to look beautiful and creepily amused, like she knows a secret that could hurt you.

Anyway, yes. XD I just wanted to flail about that for a minute.

The second thing!

Revamped Maybelline quads! I have no idea if anyone else has posted about these yet (probably, given my record, LOL), but I saw this display at Target yesterday! It looks like Maybelline has revamped their formula once again, and I have to say, the colors in these sets look AMAZING. And I'll be honest, I like the new set up, even though I wish the highlight/base color weren't one of the big pans. They remind me of Asian palettes, and I think they look a little more interesting and chic.

Unfortunately, I'm trying to stick to a low-buy (except for limited edition products, which is completely counterproductive...), so I didn't grab any... But I figured there wasn't any reason I couldn't at least share some pictures! :) Crappy phone pictures, but you know... I tried???

Maybelline Expert Wear 2010 in Sapphire Smokes

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