Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Zooey D. (or so Rimmel tells me)

Except I can't recognize her at all.

No, seriously, who is that? Because the last time I checked, Zooey Deschanel looked more like this:

To a certain degree, I can understand Photoshopping and airbrushing and all that good stuff in cosmetics advertising campaigns, but Rimmel's Zooey campaign has thus far been ridiculous. I can't recognize her in any of their ads, but this one has to take the cake.

For one thing, didn't they hire her precisely because she's already adorable and quirky? On that note, didn't they pay some obscene amount of money for the right to use her face—the one that she's, you know, famous for—in conjunction with their products? So if they did indeed pay out a contract, then why aren't they actually using her face.

For another thing... I mean, let's be honest, okay. Is it just me, or does she look like a completely disproportionate freak show here? Isn't the point of Photoshopping to make someone look better? I'm so baffled as to why Rimmel paid someone (else!!!) to make an actress who is already good-looking look like a really bizarre mutant instead. Like, seriously, what was the point of moving her lips down 2 cm? Were they too human in the original picture or something?

I mean, I don't like photographic enhancement in advertisements, but I don't particularly mind them. It's marketing and photography, and I've messed around enough with my own camera to know that even without digital fiddling, there are plenty of things that can make something appear photogenic even when it isn't. I also understand that the ad's purpose is to sell a product, so exaggerating the awesome is a matter of course. (Although why anyone would want their eyelashes to be a bushy, obviously fake mess is beyond me...)

But this? I don't understand this. It's aesthetically not pleasing. I can't even remember what product this is supposed to sell, because I'm too distracted by the fact that she looks like an awkwardly painted doll who knows that someone screwed her face up and is stuck with a half-way pissed off smile for all eternity.

Look, Rimmel, I don't hate you. Actually, most of the time, I really like your products. But seriously, please either hire a better graphic artist who actually understands that famous endorsers should probably actually resemble themselves in the end product or pour that money into R&D instead, okay? For the sake of my retinas, if nothing else.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Sleek Spring Collection: Avoir la pêche

I was checking my email this morning when I saw Sleek's spread for their new spring collection, titled "Avoir la pêche." It's French for "having the peach," an idiom that expresses being in high spirits (or so Google tells me, LOL). It's also a clever marketing pun since, as you can see, everything in this collection is peach-themed, so if you were to buy any of it, you would indeed be "having the peach." XD

In any case, I wanted to share this because a) the promo pic looks beautiful, and even though I just said one post ago that I don't like warm-toned make up, this image makes me want to rethink that statement yet again; and b) OMG THEY HAVE A BLUSH CALLED PAN TAO. HOW CUTE.

"Pan tao" is the Chinese name for the Saturn peach, which are native to cities in southern China. They're famous for both their sweet, juicy flavor and also their distinct, flat shape:

Adorable, am I right?? :D

So yes, I'm pretty excited to see a blush named after these, mostly because... of the name... XD;;;;;; Yeah, I know, it's sad, but I'm attracted to product names the way some people are attracted to pretty packaging. x.x But at least in this case, the color is fitting and also pretty. :P

This collection also features a Pout Polish in Sugar May, which looks like a peachy coral, and an iDivine palette in Paraguaya. Based on precedence, I'm guessing that the palette, at least, will be limited edition, though I'm not positive.

Worth the shipping for the haul? What do you think?

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Maybelline EyeStudio Color Plush Silk Eyeshadow

That's a mouthful of a name, isn't it, LOL?

(Top to bottom) 40 Green with Envy; 100 Sunset Seduction
Anyway, since I just posted about the new limited edition collection being released, I wanted to review the two that I already own: 

Green with Envy is my favorite between the two by far. Part of this is because I have an unhealthy obsession with greens, the way some people do with taupes. I never understand when people say green is hard to wear, because to me, there are so many shades!! So many options!!! So versatile and accommodating!! ):

On the flipside, I'm not a fan of warm eyeshadow at all. I've been told that bronze looks really good on me, but I actually really dislike how much it warms up my face and brings out the yellow undertones in my skin, because I strongly prefer looking icy and unapproachable. XD Also, warm colors tend to clash with my wardrobe, which consists of mostly classic Winter colors.

Anyway, I kept hearing that everyone can do any color, etc. etc., and there were coupons and a sale, so I grabbed Sunset Seduction to try it out. Clearly, it didn't really work out, LOL.

Beyond that, though, Green with Envy is more pigmented. It's more obvious when you look at the close up, but even the swatches for Sunset Seduction look sheer, whereas Green with Envy matches the pan pretty exactly. 

The formula for these shadows are creamy and almost glittery. They don't feel substantial the way some eyeshadows do, but trust me, one pat is more than enough. As Musings of a Muse mentioned eons ago when these were first released, these don't blend well. You just have to know where you want your colors to go and then pat them into place. 

...I think I just made it sound more complicated than it actually is, haha, sorry! What I mean is, for example, if you know you want the green in your outer-V, then just put it in your outer-V, on top of the champagne lid color. Don't try to blend everything out altogether, or it'll end up either wiping away or looking muddy.

Part of the problem with Sunset Seduction, for me, is that the pink and taupe don't contrast very well because they're both so sheer. So from the minute I put it on, it already looks muddy, because it doesn't look like there's any difference, but they also don't look distinctly pink or distinctly taupe. On the other hand, I'm also biased because both lid colors are on the paler end of the spectrum, and I generally prefer a little more depth and drama with my eyeshadow. I know that a lot of people really love this quad, so it really does come down to personal preference.

As countless people have said since these were first released, these quads are really a step up from the old school Maybelline formula. I can't comment on how it compares anymore, since the regular formula has also been updated, and I haven't tried any of those yet. However, I feel safe saying that these are pretty solid investments, if you like something shimmery and lightweight. 

New LE Maybelline Collection

You guys, the day I have been waiting for has arrived.

Maybelline has released new Color Plush quads.

I love these quads a lot. They're not the most pigmented formula around, but sometimes, a girl just needs some shimmery pretty in her life (or on her eyes, whichever). Furthermore, I can usually find a quad where I like all four colors.

I can't explain how excited I am to finally see new colors... I am totally one of those annoying people who always wants MOAR NEW THINGS NAO PLZ, and Maybelline is delivering! :D

Here's what I saw in my display:

These are all the names I can read from my crappy phone pics:

Marbleized Eyeshadow duos
- 10 Lavender Legend (item number corresponds to Lawless Lavender in the permanent collection)
- 70 Impulsive Ivy (item number corresponds to Ivy Icon in the permanent collection)

Cream Eyeshadow trios
- 20 Purple Prodigy
- 25 Nude Attitude
- 100 Mysterious Moss

Color Plush quads
- 201 Ravishing Rose
- 200 Alluring Almond
- 202 Mythical Mermaid
- 30 Virtually Violet

For Lasting Drama gel liner fans, there's also a limited edition dark green called Forest.

I don't know about you, but Forest, Alluring Almond, and Mythical Mermaid are calling my name. Loudly. @.@ How about you guys?

(Sorry about the blanks in the names... Gaps in my memory, you know how it is. :) Next time I see this display, I'll be sure to fill them in here!)