Saturday, March 19, 2011

New LE Maybelline Collection

You guys, the day I have been waiting for has arrived.

Maybelline has released new Color Plush quads.

I love these quads a lot. They're not the most pigmented formula around, but sometimes, a girl just needs some shimmery pretty in her life (or on her eyes, whichever). Furthermore, I can usually find a quad where I like all four colors.

I can't explain how excited I am to finally see new colors... I am totally one of those annoying people who always wants MOAR NEW THINGS NAO PLZ, and Maybelline is delivering! :D

Here's what I saw in my display:

These are all the names I can read from my crappy phone pics:

Marbleized Eyeshadow duos
- 10 Lavender Legend (item number corresponds to Lawless Lavender in the permanent collection)
- 70 Impulsive Ivy (item number corresponds to Ivy Icon in the permanent collection)

Cream Eyeshadow trios
- 20 Purple Prodigy
- 25 Nude Attitude
- 100 Mysterious Moss

Color Plush quads
- 201 Ravishing Rose
- 200 Alluring Almond
- 202 Mythical Mermaid
- 30 Virtually Violet

For Lasting Drama gel liner fans, there's also a limited edition dark green called Forest.

I don't know about you, but Forest, Alluring Almond, and Mythical Mermaid are calling my name. Loudly. @.@ How about you guys?

(Sorry about the blanks in the names... Gaps in my memory, you know how it is. :) Next time I see this display, I'll be sure to fill them in here!)


laheelahee said...

omg, i need to get forest! can i ask where you are? im in cali :)

clementine said...


I'm on the East Coast! And this was in Walgreen's... We're usually the last to get anything new, so I'm pretty surprised to see it so early... But on the other hand, that means it might have already popped up over where you are, too! :D

Hope that helps!